About Us

NC Families Care is a coalition of over two dozen diverse organizations advocating for family-friendly workplace policies for working North Carolinians and their families, including paid sick and safe days, paid family medical and parental leave, pregnancy accommodations and living wages. 

Coalition Member Organizations:

*Steering committee member


Organizations that want to be a part of this kind of advocacy are encouraged to join. While coalition membership is open only to organizations, individuals who want to engage in these efforts are encouraged to join our campaign, NC Paid Leave Action Network (PLAN).

Coalition contact: Ana Pardo
Email: ncfamiliescarecoalition@gmail.com

Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ncfamiliescare

Join the Fight for Paid Leave

We are building a coalition of advocates across North Carolina to join the in the fight for paid leave. For organizations, fill out the coalition form below to receive information about adding your organization to the coalition. For individuals, fill out the action network form below to join our list and receive informational resources, action alerts, and updates about our work.