This Father’s Day, our coalition is collecting stories about the importance of paid leave and paid sick days for dads, AND about the importance of being able to be there for our dads when they need a caregiver. With that in mind, our guiding question is: What does (or would) paid leave and paid sick days mean to you as a dad, or as someone who cares for their dad?

The COVID-19 pandemic has really driven home the importance of paid leave and paid sick days for all. While we’ve always needed these important supports to take care of our families, it’s now even more critical that parents are able to take time away from work to take care of their children. The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on older adults has also shone a bright light on the necessity of paid leave to care for aging parents or grandparents if they fall ill.

Our goal is to highlight the idea that paid leave and paid sick days allow dads to be a part of important moments in the lives of their families. This year we’re also looking for stories to emphasize the importance of paid leave for family caregivers, so colleagues, if you have a story or a quote about careving as a dad, or caring for your own dad that you’d like to share, please do so and send a photo of you with your dad to carcher [at] ncjustice [dot] org!