We are appalled, outraged, and frustrated by the Senate’s lack of action when it comes to passing the Build Back Better Act and ensuring paid leave for all. Ana Pardo, co-director of the Workers’ Rights Project at the NC Justice Center, has this to say about the delay:

“North Carolinians are frustrated at the slow pace of federal action on the Build Back Better Act. The paid leave, childcare funding, and other provisions are not only necessary but long overdue, and will help ensure a strong economy and a healthy workforce as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are eager to see the bill move early in the new year, and we will not relent in our advocacy until these policies are in place for working people and their families.”

Our partners at Family Values @ Work has released a statement as well. You can read that below, and find quotes from other Coalition partners here.

“Family Values @ Work (FV@W)  is appalled that the Senate will not take action on Build Back Better (BBB) before the holiday recess and we are outraged that the priorities of one man may result in derailing a care agenda that is urgently needed by millions of working families. We also recognize that the Senate has zero interest in fulfilling their obligation to workers, families, children, or the planet. The decision to postpone the vote on BBB means that this nation’s 55 million caregivers remain unprotected, and will still have to make the gut-wrenching decision between taking time to heal or care for their loved ones, or working to keep food on the table. It also means families have no hope in sight for ensuring affordable childcare and home care for family members.”

“As the Senate leaves for their paid holiday vacation, we are reminded of the millions of workers who will have to continue to use unpaid days off to heal or care for a loved one this holiday season,” said Josephine Kalipeni, executive director at FV@W. “The fact that the Senate has failed to act, after months of deliberation, especially as the pandemic rages and the holiday season is upon us, shows us that Republican Senators and Democratic Senator Manchin are more interested in their personal agenda than delivering paid leave, guaranteeing comprehensive childcare, and protecting the Child Tax Credit for America’s working families. How much longer will Congress make working families wait for the support they’ve earned and need?”

“Despite the Senate’s inaction, we remain undeterred and will continue this fight. Our Network has worked for nearly 20 years to win a national paid leave policy, and we won’t stop now. We will continue organizing and advocating for working families––especially those led by BIPOC, women, and queer folks––and ensuring that everyone is included in our nation’s prosperity. It is past time that our nation has robust, comprehensive, and equitable childcare and paid leave policies, to ensure all workers––no matter where they work, where they live, or who they love––are freed from the dread of having to choose between keeping a roof over their heads or caring for a loved one.”